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PCHS student awarded for art

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    This piece was Cash’s submission to the RESA competition, which “was an edited image … It can be perceived in many different ways, and I used both my hands in the picture then set a timer on the camera.”
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    Cash’s fiber arts piece, which placed first in State BETA and seventh in National BETA. PHOTOS CONTRIBUTED
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    “[This] was a mother’s day gift to my mother because she loves crime shows and murder mysteries,” Cash said.
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    “I wanted to practice line art,” Cash said. “I used a fine liner on mixed media paper. I wanted to make something with flowers and little details for people to look at.”
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    Art by Arella Cash, who said: “[This] was inspired by sugar skulls and the Day of the Dead. I had watched Coco and my family on my mother’s side were informed on the topic, so I was feeling inspired.”
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    Cash with her painting that won the David Driskell contest, of which she said: “I love the painting because I was able to create it to convey David Driskell’s message about how African American women struggled in America during his lifetime due to the

One spectacularly talented Putnam County high schooler placed seventh in the fiber arts category at the National BETA convention earlier this year. First in state, and seventh nationally.

She was also the winner of the Driskell Art competition at the Steffan Thomas Museum, winner of the Regional RESA Graphics competition, first place for fiber arts in the state BETA convention and second in visual arts photography. She was also nominated and interviewed for GHP photography.

Smith Communications is proud to say that this list of accomplishments belongs to our very own staff photographer, Arella Cash.

“When Arella won state and finished second, I was so excited and proud for her,” said her mother, Kim Cash, on Arella’s wins at the State BETA convention. “She doesn’t look for accolades, and as an artist, she truly doesn’t realize how talented she is and for her to win and be recognized is so very special.”

Ms. Cash felt the same when her daughter placed first in the regional RESA Graphics competition and Best in Show Painting competition. “When she placed 7th

“When she placed 7th in the nation, I was over the moon,” Ms. Cash said. “I was overcome with pride because when Arella found out, she came to me in a very calm, chill way and said, ‘Oh hey, by the way, I placed in top 10 for Fiber Arts.’ … She is so very humble. Now me, on the other hand, I was telling anyone and everyone about her accomplishment.”

Arella is not only gifted in fiber arts and photography, but has an array of other artistic talents. She also paints with acrylics and watercolors, draws and sketches, crochets, embroiders, makes jewelry, sews, sculpts, and has picked up using markers. Her favorite hobby, she said, “is probably crocheting because it’s something I did with my grandmother.” She also enjoys writing and playing ukulele.

“I’m not really proud of myself or anything I do,” Arella said, adding that her mother is proud for her. “However, most of my work is impulsive. When I come up with any idea, I am most passionate when the idea first appears to me. Honestly, in spite of the fact that the RESA image didn’t place as high as other projects listed, I appreciate that picture the most.”

Ms. Cash said Arella covers a great amount of sporting events, and still maintains an A average in school while taking AP and dual-enrollment classes as well as entering art competitions “and all that comes with being a teenage young lady these days.” Her mother is impressed and incredibly proud, and said that, “It is a true honor that I am the one who she calls ‘Mom.’”