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Retreat of Atlanta coming to Eatonton

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Substance abuse detox and rehab center to open in July

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    Sean Harren, Beau Allen and Jared Kirschner outside the main entrance to the new facility at 155 Greensboro Road. LEE COLEMAN/Staff
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    This former hospice next to Grace Baptist Church has become home to the Retreat of Atlanta Detox and Rehab Center slated to open in early July. LEE COLEMAN/Staff

Five years ago, Retreat of Broward opened its doors in Pompano Beach, Florida, and through a comprehensive substance abuse detox and in-patient rehab center has helped many people that had nowhere else to turn.

With substance abuse running rampant through our country, Chief Operating Officer Sean Harren, partner Jared Kirschner and National Director of Business Development Beau Allen have pinpointed Eatonton as the next location to help those suffering from substance abuse.

The center, called the Retreat of Atlanta, will be a 12-room, 16 patient bed facility (licensed for 24 beds) located at 155 Greensboro Road (next to Grace Baptist) and is slated to open July 1. The facility will be a 24-hour detox and in-patient operation helping patients navigate the tough road of detoxification in a medical setting to prepare patients for the next level of treatment.

“We will provide full medical detox and in-patient residential here,” said Allen. “We are the highest level of substance abuse care a person can be in. While they are here, they are under constant supervision by medical staff as well as trained behavioral health technicians.

“We are fully staffed here 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no less than four staff members here at all times. We are recreating the program [Florida] that has already helped a lot of people. We will be creating that here for this part of Georgia [central] and the Atlanta market.”

Through the assistance of Patty Burns and the Putnam Development Authority, Retreat was able to find the building that formerly was a hospice and it was love at first sight.

“We found this building and we were drawn to Eatonton and loved the small town feel,” recalled Allen. “We love the surrounding area, Lake Oconee, and there aren’t any substance abuse providers in the area.”

With a new business start-up cost of about $2 million, the principals are ready to get the doors open and help people in need.

“Our tagline is simple. “This is a place to come and start again,” said Harren, at the helm since the early days of Retreat Broward. “It is coming along great. It is happening quickly and we got very lucky with this building because it was already in place and a lot of the furniture was already here and it was already laid out to fit what we needed.

“This is really a place where a person can come and just reset. I, myself, have been clean for over 11 years now so what I am doing is passing that torch on to people who are really suffering from the same disease I am suffering from.”

The programs offered aren’t the same exact number of days for each patient but Allen suggested a stay at Retreat would likely last 21-28 days to prepare a patient for the next step in their journey.

“Primarily, we will be providing a safe, shorter term place for someone to come and get off whatever substance they are using,” Allen explained. “They will be detoxed fully under a doctor’s care while they are here. They will become free of all substances, feeling good psychiatrically and medically, stable and most importantly, going on to continue care and treatment.

When asked to summarize his message to the collective community as the grand opening nears, Allen paused for a moment before a confident look encompassed the affable Business Director’s face.

“The effects of substance abuse in all communities are devastating and we are here to be one of the many resources where people in this area can come and trust us in dealing with the effects of addiction,” he answered. “We are proud to be one of the providers coming to this area to provide top quality care and let people know there is hope and there can be recovery from addiction.

“We will be spearheading the local charge.”