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THC butter, wax confiscated during traffic stop

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    This container of THC butter was confiscated from a North Carolina driver passing through Putnam County last week. It is about 60 grams shy of totaling one pound of edible THC. CONTRIBUTED/PCSO
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    This baggie of THC wax was seized during a traffic stop by Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Alex Rickey last Thursday. CONTRIBUTED/PCSO

Approximately $16,000 worth of THC was confiscated from a North Carolina driver passing through Eatonton last week, according to authorities. Putnam County Deputy Sheriff Alex Rickey pulled the driver over late Thursday night because the driver reportedly was swerving over the center line of the road.

Jeffrey Adoney Velasquez-Berrios, 28, of Langden Gate, Charlotte, N.C., was charged with failure to maintain lane, Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act (VGCSA-trafficking Schedule 1 drug-THC butter), VGCSA (possession of Schedule 1 drug-THC wax), VGCSA (possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce), and possession of a drug related object, according to jail reports.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Lt. Harry Luke said Velasquez-Berrios was just passing through Putnam County from North Carolina when he was stopped. Velasquez-Berrios had almost a pound of THC butter, which is used to make THC edibles such as brownies. To make the butter, the marijuana flower bud has to be heated to a high temperature, around 250 to 300 degrees, and then ground and cooked into the butter, according to Luke.

The THC wax is better for smoking, Luke said. To make the wax, the marijuana is rinsed with butane, he added and compared it to making maple syrup from a maple tree.

For both products, Luke said the THC is like the sap, but it can’t be scraped off of the plant; instead, it has to be heated to a certain temperature to get its psychoactive effects.

“Smoking the wax, it’s kind of like smoking a cigarette with all the tar and nicotine and impurities, but marijuana has 200 times more tars and nicotine than tobacco,” Luke said. “So, they remove it when making the wax so smoking it is not as harsh on the throat.”

Authorities confiscated 12 grams of THC wax and 390 grams of THC butter (one pound is 454 grams) from Velasquez-Berrios’ vehicle. Luke said both items sell on the street for up to $40 per gram, depending on the potency and cost of marijuana from which they were made.

Velasquez-Berrios is being held in jail at Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.