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Troy Burner: A neighbor for neighbors

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Back on Nov. 11, Eatonton resident Troy Burner and his sons were in Milledgeville to get their hair cut for an upcoming wedding. Pulling up on Log Cabin Road and Highway 441, there was a bad accident and a lady was involved and sitting in the middle of 441.

Stopping to offer aid to the lady, Burner, the athletic trainer and teacher at Gatewood, got out of his car to help.

Without warning, a 2018 Dodge Ram truck suddenly appeared and struck the helpless Burner, sending him into the air and to the pavement as his sons Landon (11th grader) and Cayden (5th grader) watched in horror from nearby.

Thinking he had dislocated his hip as he lay in the road, Burner actually received a broken pelvis, but it could have been much worse.

“I drove up on the accident and I thought that could be my wife or my sister needing help and I would want someone to stop to help them,” Burner recalled. “If she was in trouble, you just help. That’s the way I was raised.”

Burner said he didn’t have time to think about the truck when it appeared.

“Time stood still for a couple of seconds,” he said. “You can think about a lot of things in a couple of seconds. I thought ‘where did that truck come from’ and ‘how is this going to end’, then, Wham! you’re up in the air and you’re landing.”

Landon was the closest to his father at the scene and had a hard time with it.

“Landon was pretty shook,” Troy said. “He was the first one to me. Someone else had called 911. We were running late and I called my wife [Terri] while I was still lying in the road and she was like, ‘Where are you?’ ‘Lying in the road on 441. I just got hit by a truck.’ ‘What!’”

Family friend Lorraine Daniel, a director of nursing, was able to help, and Terri showed up with Troy’s parents. By this time, oldest son Jayson had pulled up and took care of his brothers.

“I was fortunate a lot of people showed up I happened to know,” Troy said. “By the time Terri got there, I was in the ambulance and on my way to Macon. I am very blessed and very fortunate about everything. No one was hurt, and my boys were safe.”

Troy said he is better now and will find out this week if he will need surgery to repair his pelvis and sacral joint.

“It is uncomfortable at times. If I sit too long, it is uncomfortable,” he said. “If I lay down too long, it is uncomfortable. I’m really fortunate nothing else was broken. I didn’t have any internal injuries, and that helped a lot.”

Troy was asked if he would do the same thing again and without any hesitation, he said absolutely, no doubt.

“I want to thank everybody for their help,” he said. “My Gatewood community, my wife’s physical therapy community, her realty community. Just everybody. You are offered a blessing and a good point to it. It is a blessing to see everybody that helped. We are very grateful.

“Be good to people. Take care of each other and continue to grow.”