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For high-quality food preparation equipment, cookware, glassware, china and more, you need look no further than Manning Brothers Food Service Equipment located just up the road from Georgia’s Lake Country in Athens.

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Schools close over coronavirus concerns

Smartphones and the various media outlets showcased on them inadvertently brought in the era of a “Social Distancing.” Now, the Coronavirus has turned that phrase into a lifesaving guideline.

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Trained to protect

A Putnam County K-9 is the pride of the sheriff’s office this week after he helped two deputies gain control of a “brawl in the middle of the road.” Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said K-9 Nix bit an offender who had jumped on a deputy. Sills said it was the first time Nix has bitten anybody and emphasized that he did so on command. Nix has been with Sills’s office for a year and a half.

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Presidential primary pushed amid COVID-19 concerns

Concern for the safety of voters and poll workers due to the spread of coronavirus was behind the decision to postpone Georgia’s presidential primary from March 24 until May 19, elections officials said Monday.

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Hotel Eatonton still standing after ten generations

As they sometimes say, they don’t build them like they used to. That could be an appropriate adage when describing the historic Hotel Eatonton on South Madison Street in downtown.

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Registered sex offender arrested on more charges

An Eatonton woman who reportedly opened the door for an acquaintance found herself regretting her decision.

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Traffic stop yields drug arrest

What started as a traffic stop ended with two arrests on drug charges, according to reports from Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

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