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Angling bloopers

Many of you have likely seen or heard of the bloopers that pro angler Bill Dance has made in his many years of fishing. I really never thought about writing about some of my bloopers until I had a big blooper (accident) a couple weeks ago. I then decided to fess up and write about that blooper and if space allows a few others during my lifetime of fishing.

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GHSA holding tight, FOR NOW

With the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) “dead week” for high school workouts slated for next week, a much-anticipated statement from the GHSA on Phase Two after next week came and went without much fanfare as many expected.

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Baseball opening day: A rite of passage

School was in session as kids greatly anticipated the upcoming summer months. Especially the kids in Atlanta. After all, a new baseball team had moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta and there was a new, big stadium in downtown Atlanta.

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Drivers should be energized by Indy

Coming off of two NASCAR Cup Series races in two days means those drivers must be tired of shifting, right? No, because this week the stock-car boys are heading into one of NAS- CAR’s crown-jewel events at Indianapolis. Let’s get our shift on …

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Andy Griffith part one

This heart-filling adventure of discovery and joy began in the simplest way: I was looking for a television show to play in the background as I worked.

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Letters to the Editor

Letters must be signed and include your full address and phone number for verification; only name and town are printed. Submissions may be edited for content and length. The deadline is 1 p.m. Monday. Send to

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Budget and many bills pass

This was definitely the most unusual Session in living memory. It was also the most divisive. But I am happy we produced many good results.

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